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I'm sorry skuk and look-a-forest

2008-09-28 17:13:40 by evilmutantmonkey

I would like to apologize to skuk and look-a-forest. You see, I did not know it wasn't nice to make fun of retards, and I am sorry for letting every one know how retarded you are, and letting every one know you guys don't have a life and are 30 years old and living in your mother's house in her basement, mastubating in buckets then drinking the cum that's in them, I am sorry you have no life, and while your not mastubating to gay guys fuck turtles you're on here voting 0s on people's movies. So once again I say I am sorry for you, I truely am, I will now let you go to your cum drinking ways, and not interfere with your voting 0s, but you see, you will realize that when you have gotten our scores down really low, you havn't gained any thing in real life, where as I will be enjoying life, and hanging out with real friends, not online friends like you people have, and I will have a girlfriend, unlike you guys, because you're stuck in your house all day cumming in a bucket, drinking it, and voting 0s on people movies for amusement... that's sad, but whatever floats your boat. Good bye skuk, and forest, have fun. p.s. I hope you take this apology and shuve it up your ass just so you remember it...

I'm sorry skuk and look-a-forest


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2008-09-28 17:17:00

i am truly proud of you brandon, you have come along way my son

and skuk and look a forest swap cum. u forgot that part mah brotha!

evilmutantmonkey responds:

no, I was just going to leave that out so I wasn't letting the world know about it... ooops, I'm sorry again skuk and forest that you guys swap cum... I promise I won't tell them anything else about your private life like how skuk accidentally sucked out one of forest's balls and ate it thinking it was her shit, that's right I said her, and this her has balls, but no cock....oh damn, I'm sorry, I just gave away another one... I'm sorry...sorta...ok not really but you know... you had it cumming to ya... lol get it... cumming as in cum, as in what you guys eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, yeah... well have fun with doing that...


2008-10-05 16:22:51

Rofl, so true mate!

evilmutantmonkey responds:

yup... the best part is, we have the convo saved of htem admitting all htis, we're selling it for a dollar a piece.


2008-10-05 16:39:20

lol pwned skuk!

evilmutantmonkey responds:

yeah, I knows, he's gotta get a fuckin life... oh well, as my apology says, he won't have me interfering with his voting... have fun skuk, you shant be pissin me off no more, I actually feel really bad for you actually... oh well, let me know when you've grown up... tah tah. Good luck dyl.